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The Diamond Life Home "LES FLEURS" Room Deodorant

The Diamond Life Home "LES FLEURS" Room Deodorant

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Bring the fresh, floral scent of spring into your home with our natural room spray scented with cherry blossom and peony. Perfect for creating a soothing and inviting atmosphere, this room spray is made with all-natural ingredients and is free from harsh chemicals and artificial fragrances. With its bright and cheerful aroma, our cherry blossom and peony room spray will help to uplift your mood and fill your home with a burst of freshness. Whether you're looking to add a touch of elegance to your living room, freshen up your bathroom, or simply enjoy a pleasant fragrance throughout the day, this room spray has got you covered. In addition to its delightful scent, our natural room spray is also incredibly easy to use. Simply shake well and spray into the air as needed. You can also use it to refresh linens, furniture, or curtains.


1. What kind of wax are the candles made with?

Our wax is 100% coconut soy! It’s completely vegan, paraben, and cruelty free, making it fully safe to use. Coconut Soy burns cleaner and SLOWER - offering a longer lifespan to keep your home smelling of luxuriousness for as long as possible before your next restock!

2. Can I reuse my candle vessel?

But of course! To remove the last bit of wax in your vessel, simply immerse in hot, soapy water. Wipe it clean, rinse, and use it to store your makeup brushes, plant succulents into, or any other creative thing you can think of!

3. How long do your candles burn?

Our candles consist of a generous 8 oz pour to offer up to 65 hours of aromatic enjoyment!

4. How do I keep a clean and steady burn?

A general rule of thumb is to keep your candle away from a draft and to keep your wicks trimmed to about ¼ of an inch prior to being (re)lit! Make sure to keep your burn sessions limited to 3-4 hours and/or until the entire surface of the wax has fully melted. Last tip - extinguish your candle by placing on it’s lid or a candle snuffer.

5. Can I use my body mist as a room spray or vice versa?

We have gotten this question a lot. The answer is YES! Both are manufactured with skin safe, paraben, phthalate, and alcohol free base.

6. My candle is tunneling. ..Help!

Shorter burn times are the main cause of tunneling. The first burn is very critical, which is typically known as the memory burn. Therefore, it's very important to burn your candles for at least two to three hours, waiting for the edges of the wax melt to fully pool before the candle is extinguished. Another approach is to use a butter knife to scrape off some wax around the wick of the candle.

7. What are some common don'ts when it comes to candle care?

  • Do not leave your candle unattended.
  • Don’t forget to trim your wick!
  • Don’t burn for more than 4 hours. Your wick can begin to “mushroom” and enlarge the flame.
  • Do not burn your candle to the bottom of the vessel. It may cause your glass to shatter or explode.

8. How can I update my order?

If you need to modify your order, email us at as soon as possible and we’ll do what we can! Depending on how far along your order is in the processing queue, we might be able to accommodate.

9. How can I correct my mailing address?

As long as your order hasn’t shipped, we can probably help! Email us with your order number at as soon as possible!

10. How do I cancel my order?

Absolutely! If you’ve changed your mind, we can try to help. Simply shoot us an email at as soon as possible. As long as your order hasn’t reached processing, we’ll get that canceled for you.

11. I received a damaged product. What do I do? I’m missing an item from my order. What do I do?

Oh no! We’re sorry if you’ve received an incomplete order, but we’d love to help correct it right away. We will always review errors internally and find the best course of action from there. Email us at and we’ll be more than happy to help.

12. I received the wrong item! What do I do?

Oh no - that one is on us! If you received the wrong item, we strive to correct it as soon as possible. Email us at and we’ll review the best course of action together.

13. What countries do you ship to?

We currently ship anywhere with the continental U.S. However, we will be adding more countries soon so please stay tuned.

14. How much does it cost to ship my order?

We currently offer a simple flat rate shipping fee of $5.00 to ship domestically (within the US) through USPS shipping. While we strive to offer our customers the best prices, we currently have no control over increasing shipping costs - we apologize if they appear unreasonable to you.

15. How long does it take for my order to arrive?

Orders usually have a 5 - 10 business day processing time from the time your order is placed before it arrives at its destination. This includes both the time it takes us to process the order in addition to its transit to you.

Our candles are hand-poured with love in Georgia. We thank you for your patience and understanding. Please note that during periods of high volume (new collection launches, time sensitive holidays, etc.), customers may see a delay in both processing and transit times.

You should receive a shipping notification with tracking information once your order leaves fulfillment.

16. Can I ship to multiple addresses per order?

Customers are currently limited to one mailing address per order. If you need to ship to multiple individuals, please make sure to submit separate orders.


USPS Shipping: Usually 5-7 business days after an order is placed.

Note: With possible shipping delays due to Covid-19, please allow approximately 2-3 weeks for product shipment and product fulfillment. Our candles are hand-poured with love in Georgia. We thank you for your patience and understanding.

You should receive a shipping notification with tracking information once your order leaves fulfillment.

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Customer Reviews

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Verified Dina C.

Wow... The DIAMOND LIFE, you have done it again! Let me start by saying I'm beyond pleased with my TULUM set.

From the packaging, the care instructions, and most importantly, the long lasting scent of the body mist and whip.
The candle is also handmade. This is exactly what I was looking for. It truly delivers and really gave me TULUM!

Now I'm waiting on my BALI Set to deliver me to the TROPICS!

Verified Elisa Lashell

So...anyone that knows me knows that my ATMOSPHERE is EVERYTHING.

I'm very intentional about it: WHO'S in it as well as WHAT'S in it.

These candles have created a whole atmosphere shift in my home. The peace and tranquility that's already here is now amplified by these fragrances.

I haven't even gotten to the pillow mist and milk bath! I can't wait to order more.

Verified Danielle S.

The candle line is superb! It offers many needed healing moments that are gracefully captured in a elegant vase.

BALANCE - my #1, has granted me just that, at the start or end of a long day I breathe this refreshing peaceful aroma and INSTANTLY regain my BALANCE.

I will continue to escape in the others. A enormous thanks for the masterpiece!!!

Verified Ashley

OMG! If you haven't ordered the GETAWAY candle, IDK what you are waiting on!

I believe I am done with Bath & Body Works if I can keep receiving candles like these.

This candle is totally for those who love long-lasting, sweet smells. I recommend GETAWAY for the ultimate getaway.

Customer Reviews

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