The Diamond Life Home

Live what you love....

It is time for us, as women, to normalize luxury in our lives. Luxury may mean different things to different people. For some, luxury evokes sumptuous interiors, beautiful lighting and carefully selected music. For others, it’s as simple as a warm throw fresh from the dryer, a good book, along with a glass of chilled wine. In other words, luxury is an experience that is personal to you.

Diamond Life Home is a woman owned, eco-conscious, home essentials brand based in Georgia.

We aim to revolutionize home essentials and their impact on consumers and their environment. Our products are non-toxic and cruelty free. Each item is carefully handcrafted, packaged with love, and made with sustainable materials. We dedicated to designing products that are luxurious, eco-conscious, and affordable.

Recharge And Refresh
In Luxurious Sophistication

Our lux line will evoke a more energized, stress-free, or restful attitude. Create a calming escape in the living room, the perfect environment for a good night’s sleep in the bedroom, or a spa-like feel in the bathroom. Your new mood is just a candle-lit, soak away. 

We elevate the home scenting experience with unique, sophisticated fragrance blends and collections reminiscent of luxury resorts. The aromatic effect of luxury gives the perception of extravagance and indulgence.

Infuse A Bit Of Luxury Into Your Everyday

Our vision is to recreate refined, exotic fragrance experiences known in world-renowned, 5* hotels and spas. The design is to provide pampering at home with our candles, pillow mists, and more.

Meet The Creator

Having a fifteen year background in event design, this collection was inspired by the experiences I create for women in my online community to treat themselves while at the same time being restored, refined, and realigned. It is my innate desire to see women taking ownership of their narratives by living their best and blessed lives in luxury.

To me, luxury is my peace of mind.

Prosperity is not determined by just the size of your purse but by your community, your relationships, and the things you choose to surround yourself with. Luxury travel, personal retreats, and charcuterie nights with my girlfriends are a few of the ways I choose to indulge.

Influenced by the ambiance of fine hotels and their aesthetics, both visually and sensory, I wanted to re-create those same experiences for your home.

I invite you to experience a new way to embellish at home.

Welcome to “The Diamond LIFE”.